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  • How do I join the scheme?

Click on our, ‘Join the scheme’ tab, complete the application form and return the form by email or post along with your £10 yearly membership fee.

  • What spaces are available and how can these spaces be used?

Check the properties tabs for spaces we are currently using and contact us to check availability. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when new spaces become available: 

  • What can the spaces be used for?
Workshops, training sessions, non-selling exhibitions, theatre rehearsals (but not live music performances as we are not licensed), meetings, discussion groups, demonstration of techniques, displays, classes etc.  There really is a range of possibilities.
  • How long can I have the space?

Some spaces may be available for a considerable time (a year or more) but there is no guarantee of this. If a paying tenant wants to rent the building we will have to move out.  In theory we should have 2 weeks’ notice, but in practice this is not always the case and we may have to move out almost immediately, and you would have to be prepared for this.  Should this happen, we will do our best to find you alternative space, but we can’t guarantee this will always be possible.

  • Will I have a key?

Studio holders will each have a key to the main door.  There is a £10 charge to cover the cost of having keys cut.  Occasional users of a space, will have a key to be returned after use (£10 returnable deposit.)

  •  How much does it cost?

There is an annual Blank Canvas membership fee of £10. As the properties vary, rates are negotiable and are likely to be between £25 and £150 per month. The costs cover the administration and running of the scheme.  Skippko will use any surplus to set up a small fund for community arts projects.

  • What about insurance?

The buildings are insured but your property and public liability is your responsibility. Please see the licence agreement for more specific information on insurance etc.