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Blank Canvas is a Skippko project. The scheme offers low cost, temporary and short-term space for creative projects. It started five years ago in Leeds. Landlords and agents with vacant properties let them on a temporary basis to local arts charity Skippko, who then use them to run a variety of projects, from film screenings to practical art sessions, and in one case, even a tea dance for local older people! Skippko also makes the spaces available to local artists and community groups who share our ethos.

Everyone benefits: local areas, as empty buildings are brought back to life, Skippko, as we make contact with new artists and community groups we may work more formally with in the future, and landlords and agents as they know their buildings are being taken care of by a reputable organisation.

The space is offered on the understanding that it could be let to a paying tenant at very short notice (in theory two weeks, but in practice often more like 48 hours) and everyone will vacate the property leaving it in the same condition as at the start